Are you at a point where you know your life has to change? Are you searching for more peace, fulfilment and a sense of purpose? RECORE is a place for people who know they need professional care, guidance and the transformations it can bring. Where you can revive your inner energy, mental health and physical wellbeing. If you commit to creating positive change in your life, then it will happen. And our personalised programmes designed around your specific needs will help you achieve it.


RECORE’s holistic treatment programme supports a wide range of emotional, physical and psychological issues. This includes addiction, anxiety and depression, burnout, eating disorders and trauma, body detoxing and many more.


RECORE usees an alternative to the 12 step recovery method. Focusing more on holistic and person centred approaches, we include both alternative and traditional models to help you become the best version of yourself. Their scientific Biomolecular Detox helps in all our treatments cleaning the body on a cellular level.


During your time at RECORE, you will stay in a beautiful private residence or a location of your choice. We aim to make you feel completely at ease by surrounding you with abundant nature, and making sure all your needs are met.

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